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Watch analog and digital free-to-air TV channels and listen to digital radio stations when you're on holiday or on a business trip, simply by turning your desktop computer or notebook into a TV or radio! Or use a USB sound adapter in combination with one of our headsets to enhance your gaming experience on your games console, e.g. PlayStation 3! With our Audio and Video solutions you can easily enjoy your own entertainment wherever you are!
Adaptador De Som USB
Home Video Creator
CSOUNDU Comparar isto
CHVIDEOCR Comparar isto
Instalação simples por Plug and Play
Compatível com as Windows PC & Mac
Design compacto e leve
Convert video tapes to DVD
Copy easily to your PC, PSP, iPOD, CD or DVD
Including Cyberlink video editing software
Snapbutton for single frame capture
Digital HDTV USB Receiver
CTVDIGUSB2 Comparar isto
Includes remote control & antenna
Complete ArcSoft Total Media software included
Supports time shifting & scheduled recording
Watch Free-to-Air TV
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