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Expand your PC or notebook with extra USB 2.0, USB 3.0, eSATA, SATA or FireWire ports. Connect a digital photo or video camera and transfer all your home videos ultra fast to your computer via USB or FireWire. It's not only media devices that are easy to connect, but also external storage devices like card readers, DVD players, HDD enclosures and even Blu-Ray devices. Just plug it in to have access to all your (media) files.
PCI Card
PCI Interface Card
PCI Card 2-Port Serial
CIPCARD Vergelijk
CI2PSER Vergelijk
PCI interface
One rear access type I/II PC-Card slot
Supports 16 bit (PCMCIA) and 32 bit (Cardbus) PC-Cards
Compatible with 3,3V and 5V PCCards
Power saving suspend support
Supports hot swapping
2 seriële poorten in 1 PCI kaart Plug and Play, geen installatiesoftware nodig
PCI Card 1-Port Parallel & 2-Port Serial
3-Port FireWire PCI Card 400Mbps
CI3PSERPAR Vergelijk
CI1394B Vergelijk
2 seriële en 1 parallelle poort op 1 PCI kaart Plug and Play, geen installatiesoftware nodig
3-Port FireWire PCI Card 400Mbps
PCI Card 5-Port USB 2.0
C480I5 Vergelijk
Fast dataspeed (480Mbps)
Supports "low power mode" and power management
Easy to install
PCI Express Card
PCI Express Card SATA 600
PCI Express Card 4-Port USB 3.0
CSATA600EXI Vergelijk
C4USB3EXI Vergelijk
Compatible met SATA-I, SATA-II en SATA-III harde schijven en SSD's. Voeg 2 externe eSATA en 2 interne SATA poorten toe aan je PC Perfect voor het maken van snelle backups, het spelen van spellen, videobewerking en andere applicaties
Hot swap ondersteuning
Super Speed USB 3.0
4,8Gb/s datasnelheid
4 USB poorten
2-Port PCI Express Card USB 3.0
CUSB3EXI Vergelijk
Hot swapping support
Super Speed USB 3.0
4,8Gb/s dataspeed
2 USB ports using only 1 slot
PC Card
PC Card 2-Port FireWire
CSP1394C Vergelijk
Add extra FireWire ports to your notebook
Including MAGIX software
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