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Conceptronic: a young growing brand with ambition!

Since 1998, Conceptronic has achieved an important position within the ICT consumer market, developing new solutions with the latest technology and stylish designs to meet our customers’ personal demands.

Conceptronic is not just a brand, it is a concept. With our A-Z one-stop-shopping-concept of computer peripherals we offer our resellers more than 250 products, from USB cables to NAS devices. Besides this, personal attention is key to our way of working.

We have a large network of wholesalers and retailers in over 30 countries in Europe and the rest of the world. Our full product range is divided between: Grab’N’GO Collection, Lounge Collection, Networking Collection, Connectivity Collection and Cables by Conceptronic which make our assortment really clear and easy to understand.

Being different..

Conceptronic is another way of thinking, principally focused on products connected with lifestyle. This does not just relate to the product itself, but is also a solution that perfectly complements the contemporary wishes in daily life.

Our products breathe mobility and exclusivity, and are developed for anyone who is not afraid to stand out in the masses. With a constant eye on future market developments, Conceptronic keeps its products adapted to the requirements of the increasingly demanding home and professional user. Our attractive retail packaging, with few specifications but clear bullet points to explain the solution, the European quality standards and our hands-on sales philosophy make Conceptronic the perfect partner!

As a result of this all, Conceptronic products are always state-of-the-art, immediately incorporating the latest technologies, with support on the sideline in 7 languages.

User-friendly products:

Most products will be automatically installed under Microsoft Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7, so the installation of drivers won't be needed anymore. Just plug-in and the rest will go automatically. All products are shipped including a multi language quick guide or full manual in English, Spanish, Dutch, French, Portuguese, Italian and German.

Environment friendly products:

Since environment and waste disposal guidelines are of more concern every year, Conceptronic pays its share and contribution in relation to recycling and environment protection. In order to comply, Conceptronic is listed at several government institutes for waste disposal and collective recycling.

In an early stage our company carefully complied with EU RoHS 2002/95/EG guidelines and Conceptronic does not produce products containing hazardous materials like lead, cadmium, mercury and hexavalent chrome (CR VI) to save environment for the generations to come. Further all Conceptronic retail boxes are made of recycled and recyclable materials.

All our products show the CE logo, Grüne Punkt logo, WEEE (wastbin) logo, ROHS compliant logo and are EUP and REACH compliant to confirm the above.

Human friendly production:

Conceptronic is specifically against child labour and poor working conditions. All Conceptronic products are manufactured by skilled professionals and produced under healthy and legal working conditions.

Safe and certified products:

Conceptronic does not use flame-retardants like PBB, PBBE or PBDE in manufacturing of Conceptronic products. All products are CE certified and meet the highest levels of safety in radiation, isolation and human/animal protection. Conceptronic always pays respect to third party Intellectual Property and all products are sold including all obliged license fees for the use of third party patents.

Conclusively Conceptronic cares about more than just global distribution of hi-tech products. Conceptronic also claims a leading position in human welfare and protection of our valuable global environment.

Conceptronic encourages the competition to follow Conceptronic’s path.

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