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To make searching your device as easy as possible we created 3 different ways to identify your product.

Option 1: simply enter the product code which is mentioned on the bottom of your device (can be e.g. C300BRS4A or C04-220).

Option 2: select product group and after that select your product by comparing the codes on your product and the codes provided in de drop down menu.

Option 3: Browse by visual. Check and compare your product with the provided visuals and codes. 

Is your question not in the current FAQ database? Please send your question through our contact form and you will receive an answer as soon as possible.
Option 1:
Enter product code
Option 3:
Browse by picture
You can find the product code on the product sticker which is placed on every Conceptronic device.

These pictures explain you which code you need to enter to search for your download or FAQ.

When your product code contains a '+' sign, you need to enter it like 'plus' (e.g. ''CADSLR4+' becomes 'CADSLR4plus')

Products with a built-in hard disk can have a different code on the sticker compared to the code mentioned on the website. For example CHD2S160 is known as CHD2SU on the website. The number '160' refers to the used capacity of the hard disk, and is not shown on the website.
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