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Conceptronic computer accessories combine easy-to-use products with a sleek and stylish design. Whether you want to watch TV on your notebook, digitalize old VCR tapes, browse your files and websites, listen to your favorite music or chat with friends all over the world, Conceptronic offers a perfect solution to fit your mood and lifestyle!

Dream away while listening to your favorite songs, chat online with your best friend, make business calls using VoIP applications or immerse yourself in an online game during a LAN party. Everybody has their own preferences as to why they use a headset and what type it is. Conceptronic therefore offers a variety of different headsets in stylish designs for home or office use. The excellent sound quality makes the headset a favorite for many applications like listening to music, chatting, internet telephony (VoIP) or video conferencing.

Our keyboards are perfect for everybody! Whether you like a basic, flat, multimedia or mini keyboard, we can offer you a perfect match. Some models even include one-touch access to regularly used programs like internet, file explorer, e-mail as well as sound volume control, sound on/off and sleeping mode. We offers all kind of lay-outs (e.g. US International, Spanish),

It doesn't matter if you’re looking for a rubber-coated black-and-silver mouse with perfect grip, or a stylish and elegant white travel mouse in a trendy color combination, or even a gaming mouse. Conceptronic has the right desk, travel or wireless solution for you

No matter where you are, with our webcams, you can interact with everybody! We offer great image quality up to 14 mega pixels and our webcams are compatible with all chat and VoIP applications. Special features of the webcams, like face tracking and photo frames, make chatting even more fun! Our range of webcams are suitable for both desktop and notebook usage.

You want to make internet calls (VoiP) with your own headphone or speaker set but you don't have a microphone yet, and you sure don't want to invest in a complete headset... our microphones come to save your day. Whether is it a desktop or travel model, your favorite headphone and/or speaker set doesn't need to be expelled!

Great music deserves great sound coming from great speakers! It doesn’t matter if it’s romantic or heavy rock music or even sound effects in a game or action movie. Our speakers are the basic ingredients when it comes to perfection in sound quality! All speaker sets connect easily to desktop computers, notebooks, gaming consoles or MP3 players! The speakers have a sleek design, and will provide you with a realistic and powerful sound experience!

Audio and Video solutions
Watch analog and digital free-to-air TV channels and listen to digital radio stations when you're on holiday or on a business trip, simply by turning your desktop computer or notebook into a TV or radio! Or use a USB sound adapter in combination with one of our headsets to enhance your gaming experience on your games console, e.g. PlayStation 3! With our Audio and Video solutions you can easily enjoy your own entertainment wherever you are!

HDD dock & Enclosure
Desktop computers usually have a really long lifetime; unfortunately the power supply sometimes doesn't survive this life. Or you just want to upgrade your desktop with new components which need more power. We offer a full range of desktop power supplies with different wattages and numerous connectors for all possible hardware components.

Cell Phone & Tablet Accessories
People are always on the move in today’s world, and need to stay connected. Whether you’re at home, on a plane, at work or simply enjoying life outdoors, Conceptronic will stay on the move with you. If you always keep a Smartphone or Tablet by your side, our solutions will make sure you stay connected wherever life takes you.

In today’s busy digital world, people tend to have more and more peripherals connected to their PC, notebook and TV. Because most technologies have their own connection, different cables are needed to get what you want out of your devices. Conceptronic makes life easy, offering a wide range of different cables for PC and entertainment use. We manufacture high quality USB cables, network cables, HDMI cables and much more to keep you connected to your devices whatever the challenge may be.

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