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People are always on the move in today’s world, and need to stay connected. Whether you’re at home, on a plane, at work or simply enjoying life outdoors, Conceptronic will stay on the move with you. If you always keep a Smartphone or Tablet by your side, our solutions will make sure you stay connected wherever life takes you.

Mobile phones, tablets, GPS devices, digital cameras etc. use more and more power with all their extended functions of being e.g. connected all the time. We don't want huge batteries inside our devices because they are portable devices... To prevent you for running out of power we created the product group USB Chargers to our assortment. A full range of wall mount-, car chargers and even battery packs to fulfill your power needs.

Cleaning Solutions
Dirt doesn't stand a chance anymore! With our new line of cleaning solutions you can easily keep all your precious devices and surfaces clean of dust and grease. All our solutions are 100% natural and alcohol and ammonia free.

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